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Year 3 Starters
Year 3 Starters
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Grade 6 PEMDAS Masters
MacKinnon Sixth Graders enjoyed "playing teacher" this fall as they created lessons for fellow students on the order of operations in math.  Students were presented with an opportunity to assist "confused" math students who were having great difficulty with the PEMDAS process.  Using a variety of strategies to attack this problem and by incorporating technology, sixth graders planned and designed lessons and worksheets to teach others the order of operations. 
Click below to check out some of the students' creative solutions to this problem based lesson.

Letter to a confused student

Lightning Fast Math

Seventh Graders...Off to a Great Start!
The Class of 2008 kicked off the school year with the MLB Project. In this problem-based learning activity students created their own definitions what makes a great Major League Baseball Player.  After selecting players they designated as the best player in major league baseball, students reviewed their season stats to find supporting arguements for their decisions. Measurements of central tendency, graphing, and technology were skills used to complete the project.
Eighth Grade News
This year the eighth grade classes began their MATRIX work with the problem-based learning activity entitled, "Which Airline Is Best".  In this project students are required to make a table of solutions for various linear equations that correlate with different airlines.  Students then graph each equation on a coordinate plane. By plotting a separate point representing their final travel destination, students  analyze the results for which linear equation came closest to the plotted point. The students must write a letter to a travel agent explaining the reasons they wish to choose one airline over another to get to their desired destination.
Airplane Flying