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Contact People @ Alfred C. MacKinnon Middle School         
                             137 E. Central Avenue, Whaton, NJ 07885 
                             973-361-1253 x227 FAX 973-361-4805         

Richard Bitondo, Superintendent Schools

BOE Office  973-361-2592  FAX  973-895-2187

Alan Bocchino, Curriculum Supervisor

973-361-1253 x224


Jay Raynis, Technology Coordinator

973-361-1253 x280


Betsy Riordan, Teacher, Grade 6 Math

973-361-1253 x875


Tim McGrail, Teacher, Gr. 6/7 Math

973-361-1253 x872

Ann Marie Cunha, Grade 8 Math

973-361-1253 x826

Colleen Silvestri, ICS & R.R Math

973-361-1253 x815

Chris Herdman, Principal MacKinnon M.S.

Main Office 973-361-1253    FAX 973-361-4805

Debra Leary, MATRIX Coordinator

973-361-1253 x388


Debra Leary, MATRIX Webmaster

973-361-1253 x388


Michelle Freeman, Teacher, Grade 7 Math

973-361-1253 x832


Karen Vaughan, Teacher BiL/ES

973-361-1253 x836

Carol Pillsbury, Grade 8 Math

973-361-1253  x810

Amy Laudati, ICS & R.R. Math

973-361-1253 x895

Public School Partner:
Bayonne City, NJ

Mrs. Christina Mercun - Principal
Ms. Katie Goodhart, Grade 7 Math
Ms. D. Leonard, Grade 7 Math


 St. Mary's Roman Catholic School

 345 S. Main St., Wharton, NJ 07885


 Sister Elaine, School Principal

 Kathleen Evans, Teacher of Math



Juanita Howland-Greene, Instructional Strategies Specialist

Sharon West, Director of Consulting Services

Innovative Designs for Education

545 Island Road, Suite 3A

Ramsey,NJ 07446

201-934-5005   FAX 201-934-7332