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Another Successful School Wide Endeavor!
The MacKinnon MATRIX teachers are proud to report that the entire student body participated in this year's "Shopping Project" with much success.  Students in Grade Six shopped as though they had all the money in the world!  (Wouldn't that be fun!)  Using a variety of resources, including Internet sites, the sixth graders ordered their presents from least to greatest, kept a balanced checkbook for purchases and presented their work as presents to their families.
Seventh graders worked within a budget of $5000 and applied coupons to their purchases in order to learn more about concepts related to percents.  Eighth graders also applied coupons, as well as shipping costs and taxes to their purchases, and had limitations on the number of recipients.  Both seventh and eith grade students produced spreadsheets in which to display their calculations.
Way to go MacKinnon Math Masters!

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