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MacKinnon Math Masters Team= M3T

The 2006-2007 MATRIX Team lines up with all of MacKinnon's math teachers.  Michelle Freeman continues on the team as a seventh grade math teacher.  Betsy Riordan teams up with three sections of this year’s sixth graders.  Our bilingual students are led through the MATRIX by their instructor, Karen Vaughan.  This year Tim McGrail is instructing one section of grade six mathematics and one section of grade seven mathematics.  Colleen Silvestri and Amy Laudati continue as the MacKinnon MATRIX Team special needs instructors.  Both teachers instruct students in the Resource Room as well as through in-class support.  Eighth grade math teachers, Ann Marie Cunha and Carol Pillsbury, continue to lead the upper classmen through their tech-enriched mathematics lessons as they prepare for the March GEPA testing.  Mrs. Cunha and Mrs. Pillsbury are also class advisors to this year's eighth graders.  Likewise, Mrs. Riordan and Ms. Silvestri advise at the sixth grade level.


We have a strong, knowledgeable team of veteran teachers and we look forward to another successful year of technology-enriched mathematics education.

Picture of the MATRIX Team Teachers

Top: Amy Laudati, Karen Vaughan

Middle: Colleen Silvestri, Betsy Riordan, Carol Pillsbury

Bottom: Michelle Freeman, Ann Marie Cunha, Tim McGrail