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Park Project

Mrs. Riordan's math students welcomed spring with the Grade Six annual Park Project.  Read the directions below to gain understanding of just what this project entails.


"Congratulations, you have been put in charge of designing a park for your town.  Your job is to create a project to illustrate what your park will look like so that your ideas can be reviewed by the members of a committee to make the final decision. 


Your park must have a number of geometric shapes, identified.  You can draw them, construct them or use a computer to generate them.  Once your park is constructed/created you will need to be prepared to present your ideas to the proper individuals.  In this case, you will present your ideas to the class for their opinions.  This presentation can be done on a computer using power point, or your project can be shown and discussed, or you can make copies of your project to be passed out during your presentation. Feel free to make an advertisement or commercial to help promote your park.


Enjoy the process.  Jump into past knowledge of geometry.  Research and explore new geometric terms to enhance your park.  Give it a “Fancy Name”, one in which patrons will be able to learn something new from your ideas."

Check out some of the great park projects students have completed this year!
sample park project
sample park project
sample park project