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Winter Wrap-ups

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Winter Wrap-ups
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Sixth Grade Park Designers

With spring rapidly approaching, the 6th graders have been given the task of designing a park.....any kind of park.  Their goal is to incorporate and identify by labeling at least 15 geometric shapes into their park.  Some students are choosing to draw their project.   Others are constructing it on the computer with the use of power point and/or Geometers Sketchpad. There are still others working out hands on, 3-D constructions using boxes, craft materials, sticks and small toys.  This projects allows the students to display their knowledge and areas of strength; and gives them the opportunity to “think outside the box” by creating brochures, tickets, and advertising for their parks.  Who knows, maybe someday we all will have the opportunity to visit one of these creative parks!


Check back soon for updates and pictures!

park cartoon

Mrs. Silvestri's Updates


6th Grade

Students recently completed think-tac-toe projects as a culminating activity for our fraction unit.  Students selected three fraction projects to work on throughout the course of the unit and presented their final products to the class.   Several students designed games to reinforce the skills we learned and were kind enough to allow us to play them as a review for our chapter test.  All of the students designed monsters made of fraction pieces and gave them a mixed number name.


In the upcoming weeks we will begin designing our playgrounds and amusement parks as a culminating activity for our geometry unit that we have just begun.



7th Grade

My 7th grade class has been working on hard scale factors and coordinate systems.  Each student selected a picture of a cartoon character.  Then they were asked to use both a coordinate grid and scale factors to enlarge their picture.


In the next few weeks we will begin construction of our bridges! 



8th Grade

Can you illustrate a very large or very small number?  Our 8 th graders can! The class was asked to find an interesting fact that contained either a very large or very small number.   They were to illustrate the fact and then write the number in standard form and scientific notation. 


How much will that dream car really cost?  Our class investigated how much it would cost per month to purchase their dream car. As well as calculating the fuel efficiency of the car.