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Technology in Bilingual Math Class 
An Update From Ms. Vaughan
    This Fall our class continued working on learning to organize and display data on varoius types of charts and graphs.They have also been studying the order of mathematical operations. They worked both in the computer lab under the guidance of Mrs. Leary and in our classroom.
     Each student wrote five interview questions to ask each other, and  then recorded  responces on bar graphs and pie charts.Their questions ranged from "How long have you lived in the U.S.?" to "What is your favorite animal ?" Some students decided to use clip art to make the charts more appealing.
    Students were also introduced to, and have been playing a computer math game called How the West Was 1+3*4  which pits their  own mathematical skills against the computer while reinforcing order of operations.
   Additionally a few students enjoyed using Kidspiration to make beautiful time lines  about their own lives.They combined ESL, Social Studies and Math in this activity.

Winter News From Ms. Vaughan

As winter draws to a close and every one is wishing for Spring, Ms. Vaughan's Bilingual students explored the geometric principles of tessellated patterns.  Click below to read more about this exciting project on the Winter Wonders page.

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Blue Spinning Snowflake