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Holiday Shopping Project A Huge Success!!
The collaborative Holiday Shopping Project found great success in  MacKinnon's Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade classrooms.  The majority of students at each grade level completed this technology enriched, problem-based task with flying colors.  During a February workshop the MATRIX teaching team made adjustments to the project in preparation for next year's holiday season.  Way to go teachers and students!!!
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picture of a tessellated quilt
Click here to see the wonderful tessellated quilts created by Ms. Vaughan's students.

Bilingual Math Students Create Tessellated Work of Art!


Ms. Vaughan's Bilingual Math Class has been working on "quilts" of digitally created tessellation designs.  After studying the priciples of tessellations in geometry, the class hit the technology lab to research tessellation design patterns and create their own designs using various art related softwares.  The completed projects are quite impressive and the students are now able to explain the nature of tessellations, use a number of math and art related softwares and write explanations regarding the geometry principles involved.

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