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Mrs. Riordan's Fraction Monsters

Sixth Graders in Mrs Riordans math classes learned that fractions can be alot of fun.  The students used fraction manipulatives to create Math Monsters which they labled, colored and displayed.  Students also played fraction addition games in which they had to identify classmates monsters according to the sum total of parts used.
What a neat way to learn about and use fractions!!

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This award winning adventure game allows students to put their PEMDAS skills to the test as they compete in a wild west stagecoach race against the computer or their classmates.  Published by Sunburst Technology the exciting, interactive software is being put to great educational use in the seventh grade math program.  Students are learning the intricacies of the game and its clever use of mathematical order of operations.  They will soon be putting their honed skills to the test in a round robin tournament to find the seventh grade champion of PEMDAS!
Check back soon for more exciting updates....
Probability Games A Big Success!
Mr. Herdman's seventh graders are proud to report that their probability games were a big hit at this year's Senior Citizen Day.  Students recently received thank you notes from the Seniors expressing how much they enjoyed the games of chance the Class of 2006 shared with them.
Mr. Herdman introduced this lesson with a very cleverly designed problem based task.  Click here to read all about it!