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The district Science Fair proved to be a great success.  Many wonderful projects were viewed in the MacKinnon gymnasium on May 18th.  Quite of few of the projects evidenced strong use of mathematics skills.  Did the  math links  help some of you with your science work?
Congratulation to all of the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth graders who participated in the fair!

Science Fair Links


Having trouble finding a Science Fair Project?  The following site has students take a 46 question survey regarding likes and dislikes in science related topics.  Next it surveys based upon your top choices.  Finally, it narrows down your strongest interest area to a few specific projects.  It is a bit time consuming, but very thorough and well worth the effort.:   Science Buddies: Home  offers a central location for fair project ideas, answering questions, resources and tips for parent involvement.  As always, Discover puts forth a quality site:  Science Fair Central offers ideas for science fair projects and experiments.



Successful Science Fair Projects  provides a nice outline for the written portion of the project.  They also give pointers on what makes for a really well done project.


CyberFair - Project Steps presents a very organized listing of steps toward a great science project.  There are also some terrific examples of actual student projects accessible via the links at the top of the site.


The following sites provide lists of project ideas by grade level:

Science Fair Project Ideas

School Science Fairs Homepage

Science Fair Project Ideas-USGS.GOV


Interested in seeing science fairs at other schools?  The site below provides links to science fairs all over the globe.

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Science Fairs


Welcome to!  This site provides ideas, project steps, report writing guides and display board formats.  In addition to all of these helpers, the site has an internal search engine and a message board to share ideas with other visitors.  The idea board was interesting because many students posted information telling about their “winning” projects.


The following web page provides a list of internet links to project ideas, resources and experiments:  Science Fair Projects


Exploratorium Learning Studio: Science Fairs -- Resources for Students  provides many links to finding and constructing the best science fair projects.  This page also links to several Ask an Expert sites.  If you do plan on contacting experts for information and advice, make sure you allow for plenty of time for your experts to respond.

Cartoon of scientist mising chemicals