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Year Two Abstract

October 1, 2005 - September 30, 2006

District Information

Wharton Borough School District

County: Morris

Award Amount: $112,613.00

School: Alfred C. MacKinnon Middle School
Non-public School
: St. Mary's

Project Director: Mrs. Debra Leary
137 East Central Ave.
Wharton, NJ 07885

(973) 361-1253 x388

Superintendent: Mr. Richard Bitondo, Superintendent
(973) 361-2592

Project Description

In year two of the MATRIX Wharton is expanding its implementation of the learner-active technology-infused classroom to include the eighth grade mathematics program along with the sixth and seventh grade participants.  The learner-active technology-infused classroom promotes the use of technology infusion through problem based learning. Teachers who received intensive training in technology-infusion, teaching strategies, and problem based implementation over the summer break are incorporating these skills into their mathematics programs within the classroom and the technology lab. The district has budgeted for and ordered an additional wireless dell laptop cart and will integrate its use into the sixth, seventh and eighth grade classrooms.  Additional LoTi training has also taken place and will continue to take place throughout the course of year two. Parent interaction is encouraged and is being promoted through planning of night meetings and the continual updating of the MATRIX Web page. Wharton is also extending resources to a local non-public educational institution.   MacKinnon’s Web site for the MATRIX is located at 

Technology Used

  • Dell wireless laptops
  • Graphing calculators with sensors and probes
  • Data projectors
  • Web page
  • Digital cameras/video equipment