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Rumor Race
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Rumor Race

Since Sydney and Ben were both born on December 21st, the date of the winter solstice, they decided that it would be great not to have school on that day. Therefore, they decided to start a rumor that school will be closed to celebrate the winter solstice on December 21st. So, on December 1st, Sydney told two of her friends that school would be closed and continued doing this.  While Ben decided he did would tell 3 people every other day.  If there are 8,000 students in each school district, did Sidney and Ben start the rumor early enough for everyone to have heard it in their school?  Whose plan allowed for their entire school to be told first?



          Make a predication.  Were the rumors started in time?  Whose entire school will know first?

          Make a table or calendar to illustrate your calculations.

          What was your conclusion?  Did Sidney and Ben start the rumor in time?

          Who’s plan allowed for their entire school to be told first?



You will be graded as follows:


Prediction (20 pts)                            _____

          Did you write in complete sentences?

          Is your hypothesis logical?


Math Calculations (60 pts)       _____

          Did you show your work?

          Did you check your work?

          Did you put your work in table or calendar form?


Conclusion (20 pts)                  _____

          Did you back up your conclusion with the facts from your calendar?

          Did you use complete sentences?