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You have decided to have a party at your house this weekend.  While most of your friends have been to your house before you have invited a few people who have not been to your house before. Since your party is during the evening your friends will not be able to read street signs.  Therefore, you will have to use a coordinate plane to give your friends directions from the middle school to your house. 


         On the map of Wharton provided by your teacher, highlight your street and put an X where you estimate your house to be on the street.

         The light bulb represents the school.

         Draw a coordinate plane on your map.

         Plot the points on your plane a person would need to follow in order to go from school to your house.  (Don?t forget the person must stay on the street.)

         Record the points in a table.  You may use Excel to construct your tables.

         Explain, in your journal, how your friend was able to get from school to your house.  Would giving directions this way be helpful?

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Seventh Grade Activity
Mrs.Silvestri's seventh graders are also working through some technology enriched lessons.  Students recently completed a major league baseball web quest. The name of the web quest is "Major League Baseball".