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Activities III

Year 3 Starters
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Shopping Project
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Fraction Monsters
Winter Updates
Winter Wrap-ups
Winter Wrap-Ups 2
Spring Fun
Grade 8 Earth Day
Grade 6 Medieval Faire

MacKinnon Seventh Graders Shop Around the World...
Seventh grade students learned about world markets, price comparisons and currency conversions in an interesting online web quest, World Shopping Spree.  Students and teachers alike were often surprised by the tremendous cost diffences on the same items in various parts of the world.  After making their online price comparisons, students displayed their results in PowerPoint slideshows that they shared with their classmates.  The project proved to be a great way to tackle the math skills involved and learn some world economics at the same time.
Click on the links below to download some of the students' results.

Shopping Project1

Shopping Project2

Shopping Project3

Earth Spinning
Shopping Cart, Rolling Wheel


Where's the Best Weather?
MacKinnon Sixth Graders explored online data bases to determine which USA and World cities can boast the best weather.  Using the online webquest, Best Weather, as their starting point, the students researched major city locations, tempature highs and lows and rainfall. After defining what qualities constitute "best weather" the students groups compared their results and made their picks.  Click on the links below to download some samples of their ruesults.

Best Weather.ppt