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Do Vampires Really Exist...

With Halloween fast approaching sixth grade students set out to prove if there were actually vampires on earth? Using the concept that one vampire begins the infection process by biting two humans, and they each bite two humans and so on, it would not be too long until the entire planet was infected! Exponential growth is what we are doing. Visit our photo album to see a sample project.

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Getting Ready for Next Year...

The sixth grade INCLUDE teachers and their students were happy to see new SMART Boards and mobile laptop labs in their classrooms upon returning from the February break.  These assistive technology tools were ordered in preparation for next year’s UDL grant classes in MacKinnon.  The INCLUDE Grant that funds the UDL classes in Duffy will expand to the MacKinnon Middle School in the 2009-2010 school year.  The Numonics interactive whiteboards that were in these classrooms as a result of a previous grant were moved to the two MacKinnon science labs.  The teachers and students in MacKinnon and Duffy are appreciative of the classroom technology tools afforded by the grants awarded to the Wharton School District.

Boy delivering newspapers
Boy delivering newspapers

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