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Toolbox with tools inside

Toolkit Downloads and Documents

This link allows you to access the fifth grade math textbook on-line.

Digital Textbook
Here you will find virtual manipulatives, video clips, and other enrichment activities to go along with each lesson of the 5th grade textbook.

Digital textbook enhancement

Lesson Plan Format

Attached is a copy of the UDL lesson plan format.

Download UDL Lesson Plan Format

Destiny Library Manager & Webpath Express

This link enables students to search resources available in the library while also providing them with relevant websites to do further research on their specific topic of choice.  Currently, both Destiny and Webpath Express are only available for use in-school.  However, we are working towards making this valuable resource accessible from out-side school as well.  Please continue to check back.

Professional Development Library

Use this link for book titles, videos, and reference materials available in our school library for professional development.

Professional Development Library Document

In-house Math Software

The attached document provides a list of the various math software available for students to use.

Download In-house Math Software

11 Tips for Better Laptop Learning

This article written by Jon Orech provides teachers with 11 ways to enhance student learning through the use of laptops and to get the most learning out of the investment.

11 Tips for Laptop Learning


Rubrics can be used in many ways. Once they are created, an established rubric can be used or slightly modified and applied to many activities This article provides information on the advantage of rubrics, how to create a rubric, and the difference between analytic and holistic rubrics.

Rubric Generator

Use this link to create your own rubric.

The Center for Innovation and Engineering and Science Education through Stevens Institute

CIESE sponsors and designs interdisciplinary projects that teachers throughout the world can use to enhance their curriculum through compelling use of the Internet.

Study Island

This site offers you an opportunity to strengthen your math skills while playing games and earning class rewards, all while having a good time!

Skills Tutor

 This site offers the opportunity to practice math skills.


Student Portfolios

Portfolios can be used as an authentic assessment tool in the classroom, or as a method to showcase your professional accomplishments.

Teacher Portfolios

A teaching portfolio can show what you have developed and accomplished during your teaching career.  This link can help get you started on creating your own portfolio.


CAST’s mission is to expand learning opportunities for all individuals, especially those with disabilities, through the research and development of innovative, technology-based educational resources and strategies.

This CAST created website came about as a result of UDL workshops related specifically to the teaching of mathematics to all learners.  The links, ideas and lesson plan template and guidelines are all a part of the UDL and math training workshops that CAST has facilitated for INCLUDE.

Web Accessibility

Web accessibility relates to the ability of any one regardless of their individual abilities to easily understand and access your content.  How does your webpage rate?  Click this link to have your webpage scored.

LoTi Survey

 What’s your LoTi (Levels of Technology Implementation) score?  Take this short survey to find out.

H.E.A.T.  Form

Use this form to observe Higher order thinking, Engaged learning, Authenticity, Technology use (H.E.A.T.).


Download H.E.A.T. form

Matrix Grant  

Here you will find problem-based learning activities for middle school students.  Both the seventh grade Bridge Design Project and sixth grade Medieval Faire have won best practices awards.

Teacher Webpages

Follow this link to get to our teachers’ webpages.  Here you can see the exciting projects they are working on.

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