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Noon Day Is Coming!!!

On March 20th MacKinnon sixth graders will once again take part in the Noon Day Project, sponsored by CIESE at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey.

The purpose of the Noon Day Project is to recreate the work of the famous Greek librarian and mathematician, Eratosthenes. Over 2000 years ago this brilliant pioneer, using the simplest of tools and shadows cast by the noonday sun, successfully measured the Earth’s circumference. Today students from all over the globe are afforded the opportunity to reenact this historic event by collaboratively participating in hands-on measurement activities and on-line data collection.

The experience proved to be a smashing success last year and all look forward to an equally terrific learning experience this Spring! Thus far the sixth graders have done a terrific job preparing for their up-coming Noon Day Project experience.

Earth Spinning
Check out last year's Noon Day song and slideshow.
Cartoon of Eratosthenes

catapult. cartoon

 Medieval Fair

The MacKinnon Class of 2008 is looking forward to their celebration of academics at the annual Sixth Grade Medieval Fair. This is a day when sixth graders show off their learning through puppet shows, historical dioramas and an exciting catapult contest. As part of their MATH MATRIX activities, teams of students will plan, design and build catapults that they will use to launch marshmallows! Catapults will be judged on trajectory distance and accuracy. To prepare for this activity the Class of ’08 has been brushing up on their geometry skills in order to apply them to their medieval creations.