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Fall Updates

Year 3 Starters
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Grade 8 Earth Day
Grade 6 Medieval Faire

Sixth Grade Updates

Mrs. Riordan's  and Mr. McGrail's sixth graders completed the "Vampire Project" shortly after working with exponents.  We discovered that if one vampire were to infect two people, and those two people infected two more people and so on; within a little more than a month the entire planet would be infected!  Since I am not a vampire and you are not a vampire then they really do not exist!!
This project afforded the students the opportunity to browse Web sites that kept statistics on world population.  We also did a lot of work learning how to solve equations with variables.  We are looking forward to our shopping project this holiday season! 
Mrs. Silvestri's  sixth grade class work included  a unit on word problems, patterns and sequencing. These students also are looking forward to the school wide shopping project coming up next month.

Rumor Race
Mrs. Silvestri's 8th graders have been working on a very exciting project.  Click here to learn more!
Rumor Race Sample Project

More Updates
During the month of October Mr. McGrail's seventh grade students worked on a WebQuest entitled Who Is the Best Major League Baseball Player? The students were given links to the Internet where they could study statistics of their favorite players.  Their research led them to create a power point presentation to persuade their classmates of their choice.
Mrs. Freeman’s 7th grade Pre-Algebra class was given a task to determine which airline would be best to bring them closest to an amusement park. Each airline used different algebraic equations to set up its flight plan. Students had to choose two airlines and use the corresponding equation to try to reach the park with the shortest distance remaining, since none of the airlines flew there directly. They were told that after landing they’d have to rent a car and drive the remaining miles. With that in mind, students had to determine which airline to use. Seventh graders were responsible for creating a sheet of solutions, plotting the two lines for each flight plan  on graph paper, graphing and printing points from a graphing calculator, and writing a letter to a travel agent explaining  which airlines they chose and why.

Airplane Taking Off