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October -Year 2

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Sixth Grade Math Project
Click above to open the slideshow "From an F to an A"


"Order of operations--PLEASE HELP!!"  This has been the phrase humming through sixth grade classes in September for years.  This year the students in MacKinnon's sixth grade math classes helped other students with this process by writing letters to different grade levels. The overall project allowed the students to sharpen their skills on the computer by making power point presentations, downloading graphics, finding examples from a variety of web sites as well as discovering that in England "BEDMAS" is the acronym used for remembering. The letters include a complete explanation of the order of operations when evaluating numeric expressions.  Because this can be a difficult task, the students also wrote mnemonic phrases to help others to remember  PEMDAS.  Many of the projects include web site addresses that can be visited to help them with the procedure.  Handouts and examples were added for further reference.  We are all anxious to see what impact this project has on other classes who are studying the process.

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Are There Really Vampires?


With Halloween approaching, everyone is asking if Vampires really do exist. Sixth graders used calculators to work on this problem.They determined that if Vampires were real and had the ability to infect others by a simple bite,  we would all be Vampires in less than one month.  With the world population just over 6,000,000,000 people, students proved that in less than one month one Vampire could have the ability to infect the entire planet if they bit only two people each day.  Well, we certainly are not all it must mean that the bat-like creatures are just for fun on Halloween!!!


Click here to see the great rubric the teachers used to assess the students work.


New to our school system and MATRIX Team is math teacher, Colleen Silvestri.  Mrs. Silvestri kicked off the new year with some terrific technology enriched math lessons for her MacKinnon students.  Click the picture below to take a closer look at an eighth grade lesson using the coordinate plane.