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MacKinnon Math Masters = M3

The mathematics faculty at Wharton Borough Public School's Alfred C. MacKinnon Middle School proposes to increase students' achievement in mathematics through creation of Learner-Active Technology Infused ClassroomsTM.  Learner-Active Technology-Infused ClassroomsTM are a signature product of the educational experts affiliated with Innovative Designs for Education (IDE) Corporation, the school district’s consulting partner in this project.  These classrooms incorporate problem-based learning, differentiated instruction, technology-infusion and other principles of learning correlated with high student achievement.  Through intensive training, on-site and remote mentoring, and summer institutes, IDE consultants provide professional development programming designed to identify and promote curricula and teaching strategies that integrate technology effectively into the school’s mathematics program and maximize student learning.


In order to aide in the accomplishment of these goals, the MacKinnon Middle School applied for and received grant funding through MATRIX, a program affiliated with the New Jersey Department of Education.  For details regarding the MacKinnon MATRIX grant and Wharton's year one abstract visit: .


Click here to view the Year Two Abstract .


Year Three Abstracts should be posted on the NJDOE site soon.

Click on the link below to download the MATRIX Grant Overview slideshow 2004-05

Matrix Grant Overview slideshow

The MacKinnon MATRIX Team continues along the success-filled path they have traveled since the MATRIX began in 2004-05.  The eight member team of mathematics teachers have become increasingly proficient at engaging their sixth, seventh and eighth graders in technology-enriched Web quests and activities planned during the week long Summer '06 workshop.  Teachers and students continue to enjoy  visits from IDE Consultant Sharon West. Joining in the mentoring process is another IDE Consultant, Juanita Howland-Greene.  St. Mary's School in Wharton continues to participate in the math and technology mentoring opportunities afforded by our partnership with the IDE Corporation.  The teaching team and their students look forward to continuing the school year by exploring technology-enriched mathematics activities and lessons.
In year three of the grant the MacKinnon MATRIX Team welcomes mathematics teachers from the Midtown Community School in Bayonne, New Jersey.  IDE Consultant Juanita Howland-Greene will be visiting two of the Midtown seventh grade teachers in order to assist them in incorporating the technology-infused mathematics projects from MacKinnon's seventh grade into their own mathematics programs.  Several of the MacKinnon MATRIX team members will be meeting their Bayonne partners at a LoTi workshop scheduled in December.  The team members will be presenting their MATRIX experiences and technology filled mathematics projects at this upcoming workshop.  All look forward to a successful partnership with Midtown Community School teachers and students.
The MacKinnon MATRIX Team is very proud to announce two recent successes.  First, five of our team members, along with the project coordinator, were invited to present at the October NCTM 2006 National Conference in Atlantic City.  Three of the teachers and coordinator shared their MATRIX experiences and technology infused projects during a morning workshop, while two other teachers presented student projects in the Student Exhibition Hall.  All were extremely well received by their audiences, made up of mathematics teachers from several states in the Eastern U.S. 
Our second BIG ANNOUNCEMENT comes in the form of a "CONGRATULATIONS" to seven of our MacKinnon math students who took first and second place in the NCTM Student Competition at the middle school level.  We are all very proud of these students who incorporated the advantages of technology into award winning math experiences!  Way to go, kids!
Visit the MATRIX Team's online, digital portfolios located on the district Web-site under "Teacher Pages".  Very impressive work, teachers!
Way to go Team!!!
Also in the works are plans  for a week long workshop at the close of this school year.  Facilitated by IDE Consultant, Sharon West, the teaching team will be updating past projects and creating new ones in preparation for year three of the MATRIX Grant.  The workshop has been scheduled for June 19th through the 23rd.  Adjustments will be made if weather closings alter the last day of school.  We look forward to a productive Summer Workshop.

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